Registration for 2017 Taiwan Birdathon coming soon

2017 Taiwan Birdathon organized by South West Coast Scenic Area is held on 28-29, Oct. 2017. Registration for 2017 Taiwan Birdathon is coming soon.
Taiwan Birdathon is a 24-hour birdwatching .Birdwatchers from 5 countries flew to Taiwan to join this annual international birdwatching race with Taiwan birdwatchers in Yulin, Chiayi and Tainan.
The coastline of the three counties of Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan has flat alluvial shores, and its most commonly seen geographic features are shoals, lagoons, and estuary wetlands. The diversity of ecosystem makes abundant wildlives especially the birds. It is perfect for international birdwatching.
The director ,Mr.Cheng of Southwest Coast national Scenic Area Administration says that different types of wetlands along the Southwest Coast make a paradise for birds. Black-faced Spoonbill is the international star among them. More than 1600 Black-faced Spoonbills migrate to this area every winter . More than that, Budai area is the only place where Black-faced Spoonbill can be seen all year for there are some juveniles stay here in Summer. There are lots of birds like plover, sandpiper, warbler, egret and duck waiting to be seen.
The Registration for 2017 Taiwan Birdathon is coming soon and its deadline is on 20 September. For further information please visit