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Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan City, Taiwan
28 - 29 Oct., 2017 (10:30am-10:30am, 24 hours)

2017 Taiwan Birdathon organized by Southwest Coast National Scenic Area is held on 28-29, Oct. 2017. 
Registration for 2017 Taiwan Birdathon is coming.

Taiwan Birdathon is a 24-hour birdwatching race. The coastline area of the three counties of Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan is flat alluvial shore, and its most commonly seen geographic features are shoals, lagoons, and estuary wetlands. The diversity of ecosystem makes it abundant in wildlife resource especially for birds. It is perfect for an event like international birdwatching race.
The Director of the Administration of Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, Dr. Cheng says that different types of wetlands along the South West Coast make it a paradise for birds. Black-faced Spoonbill is the international star here. Every year more than 1600 Black-faced Spoonbills take this area as their wintering habitat. More than that, Budai area is the only place where Black-faced Spoonbill can be seen all year since there are some juveniles stay here in the Summer. Besides, there are many other kinds of birds like Plover, Sandpiper, warbler, Egret and Duck here for you to enjoy the fun of birdwatching.
The Registration for 2017 Taiwan Birdathon is coming and its deadline is on 20 September. For further information please visit
Taiwan Birdathon 2017 is hosted by Taiwan Tourism Bureau, South West Coast National Scenic Area Administration, Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, Siraya National Scenic Area Administration. Collaboration with Yunlin County Governmentand, Chiayi County Government and Tainan City Government Tourism Bureau. The event is managed by Ecotourism Taiwan.

for registration: No registration fee required.
e-mail: Sylvia at 
International teams will be provided free accommodation and meals on 27th Oct. ~ 29th Oct.

Please note: One team from one country on the basis of “First come, first serve”.  The rest teams are required to pay NT100,000(US320) for guide, accommodation, meals and transportation if arrangements are needed.

Introduction to the SW Coast Scenic Area

Taiwan has a coastline that stretches a total of more than 1,100 kilometers and offers a rich variety of coastal landscapes. The coastline of the three counties of Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan has flat alluvial shores, and its most commonly seen geographic features are sandbars, lagoons, and estuary wetlands.
The tourist spots in the area can be divided, in accordance with their location, resource characteristics, and type of activity, into three major systems: Yunlin-Chiayi, Nanying, Taijiang. The Yunlin-Chiayi system is located in the two counties of Yunlin and Chiayi, in the northern part of the National Scenic Area, and features scenic spots focusing on offshore sandbar scenery, fishing harbors, wetlands, and ancient temples. The Nanying system is situated in the central part of the area, in Tainan, and has a diversified range of tourist attractions including geographic scenery such as lagoons and sandbars, ecological scenery including black-faced spoonbills and mangrove forests, and leisure attractions including salt-field industry, temples, and coastal recreation spots. The Taijiang system is situated in the southernmost part of the scenic area, in the Annan district of Tainan City, where the main tourist spots are the historic remains and ecological sites of the Sihcao area.
Birding could be highly satisfied due to habitat diversity and rich abundance of birds in this area. Most Taiwan forest birds such as Tit, Warblers, Laughing Thrush, and Raptors can be seen in this area. Water are especially rich along the west coast of Yunlin, Jiayi and Tainan. Black-winged Stilt, Common Greenshank, Little Ringed Plover, and Pied Avocet etc. Endemic bird species such as Mikado Pheasant, Swinhoe's Pheasant, Taiwan Yuhina, Taiwan Yellow Tit and more are expected and easily to be found here. The Egrets at Budai area are especially rich and easy to see. Birding in this area could be a pleasant experience.

Event Date:2017.10.27 (Fri.) ~ 10.29 (Sun.) (Length of event: 24 hrs.)
Team: 3~4 members each team (Team members must be in the same car.)
Agenda:(The activity itinerary will depend on adjustments to the actual situation.)

Friday, October   27, 2017
Friendship Dinner
Budai Ocean Hotel
Instruction session: How to use eBird
Accommodation: Budai Ocean Hotel布袋文創海漾行館
Saturday, October   28, 2017
Taiwan Birdathon DAY 1
Beimen Visitors Center
Opening ceremony/Remarks from VIPs
Oath ceremony
*Please bring birding equipment and team flags with you for photo shoot.
Beimen Visitor Center, main entrance
Start of race

·                     Arrange your own transportation and accommodation
·                     Prepare your own food
Sunday, October 29, 2017
Taiwan Birdathon DAY 2
End of race
*Each team must report to the deak on time. (late submissions will be disqualified)
 Black-faced Spoonbill Ecology Exhibition Hall
Upload photos to the desk
 Black-faced Spoonbill Ecology Exhibition Hall
Sharing experience and having lunch
Result announcement/Awards ceremony
End of event
Subject to change.

Notes & Reminders:
  • We’ve arranged the accommodation for you on 27th Oct. (Fri.) at hotel Budai Ocean Hotel布袋文創海漾行館
    • Standard twin(You will share the room with other participants).
    • No breakfast included.
    • Please bring your own water bottle, reusable utensil sets, handkerchief, towel, toothpaste and toothbrush etc.
    • Check-in is available after 2 pm. Please check-out before 8 am on 28th Oct. (Sat.)
  • The team must plan its own birding route beforehand, and also arrange the accommodation and meals.
  • Each team must return to Budai Visitor Center and hand in the Observation Summary Form to the desk before or at 10:30 on 29th, Oct. (Sun.).
  • One team from one country on the basis of “First come, first serve”.  The rest teams are required to pay NT$100,000(US$320) for guide, accommodation, meals and transportation.
  • Please bring your team flag(optional) and field scope for the opening on 28th Oct., 2017.
  • Birdathon Prize - Highest total of species recorded, top 3
  • Special Prize
    • Highest total of Taiwan endemic species recorded, top 3
    • New species record for Taiwan (Pictures required)
  • Fun prize
    • Lottery: Prediction of total bird species recorded during Birdathon.